“Multnomah People”

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Overheard tonight in the Starbucks in Multnomah Village: “Well, we were Multnomah People before there were Multnomah People.”

Oh, puh-leeze. Get over yourselves. [FYI if you’re not from Portland, Multnomah is a small, somewhat folksy village-type of district in Southwest Portland. In fact, it’s officially called Multnomah Village. Oh, and this guy maintains a nice blog focusing on Multnomah Village, if you want to learn more.]

Anyway, I just thought it was funny. Has it really come to this? I mean, the snooty “Oregon Native” license plates and bumper stickers are bad enough, but are we now deciding who does and who doesn’t have an honest claim to their neighborhood? Sheesh. My take? If your mailing address puts you in Multnomah Village, you’re Multnomah People. Now go celebrate your newfound status.

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  1. Ha! True – thanks for the link too – Yeah, we don’t need it to come to that… We’re not the Pearl District over here! Then again, my wife and I have commented several times about whether or not certain addresses from the Barbur side of Multnomah Boulevard can really be considered “in the Village”/ But as for people – if you’re currently sitting somewhere in Multnomah Village – you’re Multnomah People. Please.

  2. As far as all of us being Village People, we are. Lets for a miniute think if in some parrallel universe we where a band…er, gang representing this superior pocket of the Portland Metro Area. If we where to go to a competition to “Represent” “Our” “Hood” and we had to be identified in some unique way (like in the movie ‘The Warriors’) what would set us apart from some other Portland neighborhood, such as Nob Hill or Laurelhurst ? Give it a shot, maby we eat granola, work a blue collar job at OHSU and drive a Subaru Outback on our way to Temple all the while thinking about the days up at Ol’Woody High and how we where going to leave this place, only to come back and see that not much has changed, even since your mother has lived here since the mid seventies. GoldBergs is gone, that place down on 45th and Vermont that you can go workout at, has sprung up outta nowhere. Gabriel Park has gone through a major replenishment of wetlands and trails, and all the darn antique stores are still there standing in the way of businesses that may actually be cool to go to (not you Pagen Wood). This Place is the best, Ive been here 27 years and love every bit of it, this is OUR neighborhood, lets share it. (Oh yeah, Props to Bud Clark and the reading of his lips)

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