suckin’ down the java

Good morning again. Lots of odds & ends to take care of today. Gotta stay focused.

Hey, the band was offered a July 29th return gig at Coach’s Bar & Grill last night, so I guess things didn’t go so disastrously there last Saturday night the 28th. Had a great talk with Jim Miller about bands, musicians, showbiz and Atomic Wedgies.

Ian had his school musical last night — the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades gathered en masse to sing and perform in “Portland — The Musical.” It was actually pretty good — had more life & energy than some other grade-school productions I’ve sat through. Liz and I had front-row seats because we purchased them at the auction in November. Heh. Got some good pictures and video.

The June CBA meeting was last night, but I wasn’t there because I needed to attend Ian’s show. So they had a substitute guy running sound, and he called me at about 6:45 because he was having trouble getting the P.A. to produce any sound. I tried to provide some help over the phone, but it was tough. He still had no sound when we hung up at 6:55, but I called much later, after Ian’s musical, and they had finally gotten it going (apparently with Robin Gibson’s help). Got a message from Greg much later in the evening, saying that he hopes I’m going to be back next month. It is so nice to feel needed…

Awright, to the grindstone.

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