They’re salivating.

I’ve been watching some of the coverage of Hurricane Rita’s approach to the Gulf Coast, regrettably, and I just hate these “news” people more and more, moment by moment. They’re talking about the potential for damage and the areas likely to be hit hardest, and they’re salivating — they’re freakin’ DROOLING over the sensational, spectacular, irresistible ghastliness of it all.

At one point, the morning anchor on CNN — a particularly distasteful individual for both her lack of skill and her absence of tact — was presenting an animated graphic that illustrated the potential flooding of the Port Arthur area. They cut to the graphic and she provided voiceover while we watched the simulated inundation of a large community. When they cut back to her, she was actually smiling at how cool and amazing that simulation technology was. And the mediocrity and complete lack of restraint just continues.

And now this bus explodes on the highway in Houston, so we get to see THAT footage over and over and over and over and over and over. Have a little respect, Wolf et al — people died, okay?

And the “Situation Room”? What the hell is up with that?

I give up.

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