bleary-eyed and foul-tempered

Well, not really. I just liked the sound of that phrase. I am a little tired this morning…another too-late evening for no particularly good reason.

Watched 3 episodes from the “Arrested Development” DVD last night. I know we’re behind the curve and everybody who’s anybody already knows how good this show is, but…if it so happens that you don’t know about it yet, definitely check it out. Very funny stuff.

We’re on episode 9 or 10 of the first season, I think. I’m fascinated by the incredibly sneaky tactic of using the standard “On the next ‘Arrested Development’…” tag at the end of each episode to show brief, tightly-staged scenes that don’t in fact appear in the next episode. Or ever. What a great idea!

Got a gig inquiry for Tall Static yesterday, for an event in August which sounds like a promising one if I can nail down the details with the person. More on that later, I’m sure…

Switched this blog to a new template today…thanks to nikynik. Nothing else to report for now.

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