sunday, sunday

Now playing in iTunes: Prisoner of Life, Johnny Adams.

Kind of a lazy, hanging-around-the-house Sunday so far, helping out both kids with long-term school projects that are due next week. Doing our best to eliminate the influence of the familial gene for procrastination. On the other hand, there’s really no reason to rush on that…

Later today I’ll be heading out to Beale Street NW to participate in a benefit show for local drummer and bandleader Ken Johnson, who suffered a stroke back in March. He’s doing MUCH better, and is basically looking and behaving no worse for wear to my eyes after being in pretty bad shape for a while there; but the medical bills piled up as they inevitably do, and he could use a little help. I don’t know yet when I’ll be playing or with whom, but there’ll be a lot of fun people there and I’m looking forward to it.

Yesterday Alex had four basketball games, and his team won two of them. Liz went to all four, and I brought Ian with me to the last two. It was fun to watch him and his team playing pretty well, and I got some good photos and video.

Guess thassit for now.

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