Seize the flying hour…

…it will not come again.

This is a quote which is engraved on a sundial that I pass every day on my walk. I had walked past this sundial for a couple weeks before ever noticing that there was something engraved on it. The little proverb is terribly appropriate for me, and now I glance at it every time I go by, just sort of making sure it’s still there or something. I tried to look it up in order to learn who wrote it, but haven’t had any luck so far.

The other day I paused in my walk to actually go closer to the sundial and get a better look; it turns out there’s a different pithy little phrase on each of the four sides of the sundial, but I didn’t like any of them as much as I like the one that I saw originally. I realize it’s quite similar to “carpe diem,” but somehow the heightened urgency of “seize the flying hour” versus “seize the day” makes a stronger impression on me.

We gotta use our time to our best advantage every hour, every day, people. Every single moment is a gift. Maudlin and unoriginal, sure, but there it is.

Seize the flying hour; it will not come again.

RIP Gilligan

Just heard that Bob Denver, aka Gilligan of “Gilligan’s Island” (not to mention Maynard G. Krebs of “Dobie Gillis”), passed away at age 70 on 9/2/05.

For better or worse, I had a very TV-centric childhood. Gilligan and the rest of the castaways were a big part of that. “Star Trek” was big too, probably a bigger deal to me than “Gilligan’s Island,” but still, the time I spent watching that show and wondering if they would EVER get off that freakin’ island must total hundreds of hours. A shameful admission, but there it is.

It’s not that I even really laughed at the show. Hell, they had a laugh track — they did the laughing for you. I can still hear that laugh track and that eerily distinct male guffaw that would pop up repeatedly during a show. You could hear it on “Mr. Ed” too. Oh my…don’t get me started.

Anyway, godspeed to Bob Denver.

lazy sunday?

Now playing in iTunes: Last Night, The Mar-Keys

Well, I’m posting this from a different location than usual: I’m spending part of today at my wife’s company, which is closed today, because I’m helping out while a consultant works on the computer system here. But he only needs me sporadically (so far), so I’m getting a chance to catch up on my e-mail and other mundane stuff like that. (Oh yeah, and watch the online webcams of New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina approaches!)

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ah, cruel fate…

Now playing in iTunes: Organ Donor, Reuben Wilson (oh my, but that’s tasty!)

So this is great. One day after the official launch of my new podcast, ThemeLounge, my hosting company has an outage…and then even when they’re back up from that, MY site is still down for some screwy reason that they’re currently trying to figure out and they should have it back up Real Soon Now.

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The Revolution will not be televised…

…but it might be podcasted. Podcast? Well, something.

So I’ve started a podcast now. It’s called ThemeLounge, and it features musical selections chosen to fit a different theme each week. And there’s a weekly segment with my son, where he brings his own selection related to the theme, but with a more contemporary vibe than his decrepit old dad can muster.

Check it out, won’t you? Just go to ThemeLounge.

ThemeLounge Logo

And if you really like it, be sure to subscribe to it in your favorite podcast subscription application (iTunes works nicely for both Mac and Windows; so does iPodderX; there are others too…), and that way you’ll get each weekly episode without having to lift a finger.

It’s all so cool…

meanwhile, back on the mouseblog…

Now playing in iTunes: Mother In Law, Little Mac.

Well, I let a little time get away from me there. I had a pretty good streak going for a while, posting nearly every day, but then things got a bit crazy. Ah well, I didn’t make any promises at the get-go, so your complaints are baseless.

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blissed out on blues

Now playing in iTunes: Stop Your Groanin’, Paul deLay.

An appropriate (and random) choice by iTunes there, as last night brought me a peak experience: sitting in with Paul himself. I went to the Ken Johnson benefit (see previous post) with low expectations, since unlike some folks, I hadn’t been “assigned” in advance to any of the groupings that were slated to play. But a helpful word from David Moore got me a slot sitting in with Terry Robb, Aric Riley and Marty Henninger on drums (bass player was Susie?). Continue reading “blissed out on blues”